inspiring new food experiences inspiring new food experiences

Our Mission

Inspiring Colorful, Healthy, Delicious Eating

Like the rainbow of diversity that shines through the universe in its people, the world is full of so many incredibly diverse fruits and vegetables. We scour the globe to share the world’s colorful, healthy & delicious produce that tempts your taste buds and unlocks superfood powers. Whether you’re a culinary expert, foodie, or picky eater, we’ll guide you through fun-yet-surprising food experiences to inspire your everyday life.

Cheers to new flavors Cheers to new flavors


Opening up a standard cereal box is a simple morning routine, but where’s the fun in that? Now more than ever, the day calls for leveling up your routine and adding that extra bit of flair to life. We believe in breaking from the conventional “what I should eat?” and showcasing vibrant new ways to “eat” with your eyes. Spice up routine meals with colorful, new additions that tantalize the taste buds and use our resources to help create food that will make dinner party guests (and Instagram followers) want more. So go ahead, add that passionfruit into your mojito, sautéed Stokes Purple sweet potatoes into your frittata and fresh Organic Mighty Gold® Turmeric into your smoothie.

Healthy Healthy


Specialty fruits and vegetables can bring a little extra when it comes to improving health, and living better begins with eating better. Whether it’s antioxidants, phytonutrients, or pre-biotics, the world’s bounty helps contribute to boosting healthy body functionality and fights dangerous free radicals. That’s really what makes it “special.”

Add a “special” healthy kick to your dinner table with new favorites like Hasselback Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes with a Ginger Turmeric Glaze and double watermelon radish salad.



Life is meant to be lived riding in the fast lane of flavor, not sitting in the bumper-to-bumper traffic of the mundane. Frieda’s takes the higher road to sourcing to make sure that we’re engaging multiple taste sensations: sticky, silky, sweet, savory, tart, sour. Don’t be afraid to grab that spikey fruit (think kiwano) or long-haired Rambas™ Rambutans and take your tongue on a trip without the cost of a plane ticket. Go beyond the boundaries of “normal” and reach for something new, and maybe even weird, because it might just become a startling, delicious favorite.

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